Saturday, April 12, 2014

Progress at MQX

Today is the only chance I have had to do some of the piecing I brought with me. As you can see, the steel tape measure is out so I can accurately measure for the sashing strips. Occasionally a customer will say "But I DID measure the borders. I laid the quilt out on the bed." That always makes me screw my face up into something very unattractive. 'Cause yeah, the bed is a nice FLAT surface to measure on.

I am pretty excited that I have to pick up Diane Carson's quilt after the show closes today and return it to her. She won a big fat ribbon, so I may hold it hostage and see what I can get out of her. Ha ha. Just kidding. ;-)
We head home tomorrow after breakfast, so I'll post more about our adventures next week. I've actually been pretty circumspect with the camera and have no drunken pajama photos. Yet.
Pfftt.  Later...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

On the road...

MQX, here I come!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sawtooth Star (or 8 pointed star) Quilt, and the DAILY IRRITANT

Wow.  What an effective use of colour.

The black floral background really brings out the colours in the blocks.  And it is such a simple block.  A SAWTOOTH, or eight-pointed star, made with four flying geese units, four half-square triangle units for the outer corners, and one large square in the center.

This was treated to semi-custom quilting.  The body of the quilt has been done with a pantograph design, while the two borders got stitch-in-the-ditch and their own border treatments.  The gold border has a pattern of ovals stitched on it.

Easier to see on the back:  the outer border has a thistle design.

The snow is pretty much all gone.  I am so happy to see this!  A stream that only burbles during spring melt, or heavy rainstorms.
Here is my random crabbiness/irritant for the day:  There are household rules around the daily newspaper.  DH gets the paper and reads it in the morning.  I read it in the evening.  The crossword puzzle is his, the sudoku puzzle is mine.
Irritant:  the puzzles are on an inside page that requires you to fold the paper inside-out.  That's not the irritant.  When I get the paper it is never folded along the proper fold line.  That's the irritant.  And remember who had the paper first.  It wasn't me.  This bugs me as much as looking at a poorly made bed where the sheets aren't lined up straight in line with the edge of the mattress, with the upper layer of quilt (natch!) lined up along those lines.  I'm not sure why straightness and symmetry are important for those things.  After all, I build crooked garden beds and place furniture everywhere on an angle.  Lord help us when I get old and really weird.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring is coming...

Winter moved in before I was completely finished with the fall cleanup.  Gah!  Straggly leftover peony detritus.
Yesterday was such a NICE day I was walking without boots.  Wearing a spring jacket.  Itching to give the garden clippers a workout.

Much better!!  All the junk has been cut off and clipped up into shreds, left to decompose.  I am too lazy to get the wheelbarrow environmentally friendly to dispose of garden clippings.

I like my peonies to look a little blowzy.  Yes, these really are my peonies.  From last June.

Personally, I don't like peonies looking like they are in jail.  (No, these are NOT my peonies.  Poor little things.)

DH makes the BEEonies.  If I were more on the ball I could make sure I tuck the growing stalks into the wings a bit better.  If you want one (or more) he sells these for $100 each.  They look very cute in the winter too, if you dress them up with tacky, gold garland, or with twinkly lights.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

the Current Sad State of my UFOs and the Stash Report

Why do I do this to myself?  You probably can't answer that.  You are probably just as bad.  Are we scatterbrained?  ADHD?  Forgetful?

This half-hexagon has been in the works for a couple of years.  I am now committed to finishing by June 11th or it will cost me $10 at the Caledonia Guild. The original plan was for it to be a King Size quilt, but the last time I laid it out... I dunno.  It might be substantially smaller.  I double and triple checked my math and it should measure out the way I planned, but based on what is left to sew it just doesn't seam seem right.  The original plan was for a summer quilt for the bed.  Time will tell.  I know this will be nice when it's all together, but it is so. darned. boring.

This is the Three Dudes quilt I'm working on at the Scrappy Club.  It should have been started late February, but I hurt my back and couldn't make myself go to the club.  Couldn't pick up my sewing machine, actually.  Which makes it pretty hard to go to a sewing event.  So, it got started March 24th.  To be continued April 28th.

The Batik Cats were collected a looong time ago.  This is on my UFO challenge with Margaret and Nancy.  I have until the end of April to get this top together.  The sashing is all cut so this should sew up pretty quickly.

And, now for the DWR that I started at retreat.  Ha ha ha ha ha hahahahah....  This will be going on for a long, long time.
I am attending MQX in April.  The gal I'm going with is in classes every single day.  All day.  Wednesday through Saturday. By the time 5 o'clock rolls around she will be so brain dead she won't be able to carry on a conversation.  She will  just point to the item on the menu that she wants for supper and then fall asleep in her appetizers.  I am going to deal with the isolation by bringing my sewing machine, AND my projects.  When I'm not in the bar picking up stray men (ha ha, not likely at a quilt show where the men are mostly a little, um, not Kevin Costner-ish.  Besides, DH would never approve.)  I will work on this stuff.

Sadly, only finished items get reported here.
Used this month:  0 m
Used YTD:         23.75m
Added this month: 0 m
Added YTD:         2.25m
Net YTD:          -21.5m

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flying Geese Pinwheels and Scrappy Sewing

I enjoyed every minute working on this quilt.  This winter there has been sooo much white.  Freezing, face-pelting snow.  For MONTHS now.  This, on the other hand, is white and bright
These kinds of colours make me stare longingly at my sandals in the front hall closet.  Seriously.  I'm not kidding.  I open the closet to get my sweater, coat, scarf, ear muffs, hat, mitts and boots so I can go down the driveway and get the mail.  As I'm standing there I look at the sandals, reach out to stroke one gently, get a little lost in my head and go to my happy place.  Aaah...

But I digress. 
I quilted this with the cutest (!) cupcake pantograph.

Here's a music quilt that was treated to the perfect music pantograph.

Believe it or not, there have been THREE social events in my life this week, and none of them were cancelled due to weather.  It made me feel that shaving my legs last week (for the first time in about 6 weeks.  It was starting to itch.) was totally worth it!!

Monday was the Scrappy Club at the Caledonia guild.  I like to wear my very special sewing watch to guild events.  Purchased in Hong Kong last year.  The original watch band lasted about, oh, three hours.  Then the paint started peeling off the, um, leather (?).  I found this twill tape at a quilt show, printed with measuring tape pattern, so I made my own band.  So far it has lasted WAY longer than the original.

Here's what I was working on.
On Tuesday I met Jean and Jane at IKEA where we enjoyed a cheap an economical supper.  I'd post the selfies I took, but they'd kill me.  Yeah.  Not flattering.  :-)

I needed to replenish the glassware in the kitchen.  It's been a long, hard, winter (sorry, I already said that, didn't I?) and I was able to get another gross of matching wine glasses.  Now I can stop drinking from empty jam jars and put them out with the recycles.

On Wednesday the guild had an extra UFO day, so I was working on the challenge quilt we have going with the Caledonia, NY guild.  The top is finished but I can't post photos - it's a surprise.  Then I headed over to the County office and paid my property taxes.  Using my credit card.  Who knew?  I collect points so this works out perfectly in my favour.  More points = more shoes.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How much will it cost?

There is a new page for PRICING if you want to know what to expect.  See above.